Health, Safety & Well-being Feedback Form

Prevent. Protect. Empower

Raising issues can sometimes feel like an awkward business. It shouldn’t be. We want you to feel empowered to speak out whenever you see or experience a situation that may result in an injury or other negative impact on you or one of your colleagues. It’s the best way for us – as a team – to formulate the best working practices for ensuring staff safety and wellbeing.
Please include as much detail as possible on the form below (within reason), including dates and times, so that we can thoroughly investigate and evaluate the incident. Your suggestions on how to avoid a reoccurrence are also of great value; so, please include your ideas for potential solutions, codes of best practice, and amendments to our current health and safety procedures.
We also want to hear about occasions where good practice was implemented, helping to avoid a potentially negative outcome.

Remember: it doesn’t have to be bad to be better.