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Why choose a mechanical or electrical apprenticeship with RDM?

Why choose a mechanical or electrical apprenticeship with RDM?

Date: 16 June 2023 | By: RDM

Are you considering a mechanical or electrical apprenticeship as your next step in education? Staying on at college or going away to university aren’t the only options out there, and apprenticeships are perfect for people who want to get started in the world of work, onto a great career path, by learning on the job.

Apprenticeships in construction offer many options – including the electrical and mechanical services apprenticeships available with us – and as such, are very popular, suitable for lots of different types of people with various skills and interests. These apprenticeships can lead to a variety of different specialisms such as engineering, design or management, so are ideal for people seeking a skilled and rewarding future career, not just a job.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a unique opportunity that combines practical work experience with the acquisition of a recognised qualification. Rather than solely studying a subject in a classroom, apprentices have the advantage of learning their skills and gaining knowledge while actively working in their chosen industry. This approach is often referred to as "learning on the job" or "earning while you learn," as apprentices not only receive comprehensive training but also earn a wage throughout their apprenticeship, making it a truly rewarding experience.

Why should I try a mechanical or electrical apprenticeship?

Hands-on learning: If you thrive in a practical, hands-on learning environment and find that you absorb knowledge more effectively through active engagement, apprenticeships are an excellent fit for you. They provide a more enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience, often leading to better results.

Financial stability: Choosing an apprenticeship means not only gaining valuable skills but also earning a wage to support yourself. The amount you earn will depend on factors such as your age, experience, and employer. However, here at RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services, we pay well above the usual minimum rate for apprenticeships, and having that extra money in your pocket can greatly assist with daily living expenses, giving you a sense of independence.

Networking opportunities: Connections and relationships play a crucial role in the working world. By starting your career through an apprenticeship, you have more time to forge meaningful bonds and immerse yourself in the adult working environment. These connections can prove instrumental in the future, opening doors to social and career opportunities.

No course fees: Pursuing qualifications and education through traditional channels can be financially daunting. For instance, university courses can cost over £20,000, placing a heavy burden on learners striving to enhance their career prospects. In contrast, apprenticeships offer a debt-free learning experience. This allows you to learn and earn without worrying about costly fees.

Transferable skills: Learning while working enables you to develop a wide range of "transferable skills" that are valuable across various job roles. These skills encompass teamwork, time management, communication, presentation, and more. Demonstrating these versatile skills can significantly enhance your employability prospects in any industry.

Career progression: Upon completion of your apprenticeship, we are committed to providing you with a full-time permanent job position or offering a higher-level apprenticeship within our organisation. This ensures that you have a solid foundation to begin your career journey, with numerous opportunities for upward mobility and growth.

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